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Cattle Breeds In Dairy Cattle Supplier In Karnal

Whether one is adding new cattle to the existing herd or starting up a dairy farm, it is best to be very vigilant in selecting a good breed of cattle or buffalo. Good dairy farms like Vansh Dairy Farm provide a good range of cattle breeds. For guidance, descriptions of some known cattle breeds are provided for a more informed decision.

Indigenous Dairy Breeds Of Cattle/Buffalo


This breed originated in the Gir forest, Gujrat. They are also called Surati, Desan, Kathiwari, etc. their milk yield can vary somewhere from 1,200kgs to 1,800kgs.


This breed has somewhat pale red and is also known as Lola because of its loose skin. Their origin is Pakistan, district Montgomery. The average milk yield in the 300 days of the lactation period is between 2,725kg and 3,175kg.


This buffalo breed is brown or black skin-colored and has distinctive two white-colored collars around its brisket and jaw. Their milk yield can vary from 900kg to 1,300kg. The milk contains a considerably high percentage of fat in it.

Red Sindhi:-

As one of its names suggests, otherwise known as Sindhi or Red Karachi, the breed originated in Karachi and Hyderabad district of Pakistan. This dark red colored cow gives around 1100 to 2600kg of milk.


This breed of buffalo is considered the most important one among the others. They are native to Punjab, Haryana, and the southern part of Delhi. Their coat is jet black with a few white markings on the face and tail. The buffalos produce the best milk for making butterfat. The milk yield is somewhere around 1,500kg to 2,500kg.

Exotic Dairy Breeds Of Cattle

Holstein Friesian:-

Considered the giant dairy cattle breed, a mature cow weighs around 700kgs. They have unique white and black spots and patches on the ruggedly built body, and the large udder can produce around 6000kg to 7000kg of milk per lactation period. They are native to the northern parts of the Netherlands.


The cattle breed is native to the Island of Jersey in the UK. They are considerably shorter in size and are widely used by jersey cow supplier in karnal for crossbreeding purposes. Their skin color is reddish, and has an angular body. These economical milk producers yield milk with a 5.3% fat component.

Brown Swiss:-

The brown Swiss originated from the mountainous region of Switzerland. They have a rugged body and are one of the most efficient milk producers. There is a breed called Karan Swiss, a crossbreed between an Indian breed and Brown Swiss. The breed is excellent crossbred cattle.

Factors To Check Before Selecting A Cattle/Buffalo

When selecting Dairy Cattle Supplier In Karnal, check the following traits:

  • Conformation Traits: These traits are the parameter for the cattle’s performance. It usually involves checking their stature, diary character, udder structure, and nature of legs and feet.
  • Production Traits: These traits indicate their milk volume, the milk components like butterfat percent, non-fat solids, and protein level.
  • Health Traits: Special care is needed to prevent the spread of any kind of disease among cattle, but getting a hardy and disease-resistant cow saves a lot of work and time.
  • Fertility Traits: Look for the breed that has fewer inseminations per conception. It is a sign of good fertility.
  • Calving Traits: An ideal body frame for easy calving is a slight sloping from the pin to the hip bone and a wide pelvic area.

Checking a breed’s characteristics and traits tells a lot about its performance. So, avoid making rash decisions, consider one’s dairy product needs, and choose the breed that matches those requirements.